Call us to rent a bike right here on the shores (or beyond) of Nantasket Beach and discover the natural beauty of the seaside town of Hull at your own pace. Ride along the peninsula's 29 miles of shoreline, explore the historic seaside villages and enjoy panoramic views of Boston Harbor. Ride leisurely along the ocean and bay or challenge yourself with a climb up and down the town's scenic hills and coastal drumlins. Or explore the neighboring coastal towns of Hingham, Cohasset and Scituate!


Bike along miles of beach.
Hull is perfect for a biking holiday.
Arial view of Hull, MA
Biking along Nantasket Beach, fresh salt water breezes greet you at every turn. Enjoy the sights of Boston Harbor along with great views of three historic lighthouses: Boston Light, Graves Light and Minot Light.
When you bike along the roads of Hull a breath-taking ocean or bay view is never far away. There are plenty of places you will want to stop, enjoy and explore in this historic seaside town.
Nantasket Beach Bikes

Hull, MA 02045
(339) 236 -1624

Coastal biking in Hull is fun!
A tag-along is perfect for the little ones!
Tour the area at your pace!
Water views await you at every turn in Hull.
Enjoy Hull at your pace!
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Hull on Wheels!
"Nantasket Beach Bikes" and "Hull on Wheels" are registered with a trademark/servicemark with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
YES! We are now open for
the 2015 season! Please call
 and reserve bikes in advance.
Thank you!
We were featured in the July 2011 edition of 
South Shore Living magazine.