The ferry terminal at Pemberton Pier.
View from Spinnaker Island, looking  towards Allerton Hill.
Entrance to 
Spinnaker Island.
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Entering historic Hull Village.
Girls from Abington paid us a visit on Memorial Day weekend!
Thanks for stopping by, boys!
Jacki, Angel and Kathy traveled from Fitchburg, Uxbridge and Milford to spend a day biking around the Hull penninsula. The morning was perfect weather-wise, but afternoon showers rolled in. That's when the group went shopping, took in an art show, and enjoyed a great meal at a water-front restaurant here. What a great day!
Jorge rode 80 miles in two days on Father's Day weekend. He took the bike into Boston on the Harbor ferry and had a blast. A native of Germany, he was in town on business for a week and decided to tour the area--including Boston--on his preferred mode of transporation. An avid cyclist, he commented that our bikes were extremely comfortable, well suited for our area and was very happy with our pick-up/drop-off services. He was especially appreciative that we found a way for him to take a ferry in to Boston from Hull on a Saturday.