Trails and Routes

Whether you are in town for a few hours, a few days or longer, there are many areas to explore by bike in and around are just a few suggestions.

Nantasket Beach "Boardwalk" Area

From George Washington Blvd. and the Steamboat Wharf area, the Nantasket Beach "Boardwalk" is just a few pedal pushes away. Riding up and down Nantasket Avenue is a great way to avoid the intense traffic during the summer months. You can leisurely wind your away to and from great seaside shops and restaurants while enjoying the vibrant beach front experience. You can hear the sounds of the antique Carousel as you glide past surfers lining up in the Atlantic to catch the perfect wave.
Weir River Estuary and Woods

Bordering the towns of Hull, Hingham and Cohasset, the Weir River Estuary and Weir River Woods offer the opportunity to explore volcanic rocks, a drowned forest, vernal pools, native plants, and undisturbed salt marshes. This unique habitat is home to more than 100 species of migratory and breeding birds. Stone walls dating from 1620 are still intact. This protected wild preserve is nature’s classroom.
Pemberton Point / Windmill Point / Hull Gut

The Hull Gut and Windmill Point are located at the very end of the Hull Peninsula, offering stunning views of the islands of Boston Harbor, the Boston skyline, Logan Airport as well as boats and tankers that ply the Gut. About five miles from Nantasket Beach Bikes, here the churning currents and ripping deep waters of the Gut, the narrow channel of water that connects the outer harbor to the inner harbor of Hull and Hingham, will greet you. Across the Gut is Peddock's Island. The huge blades of one of Hull’s two wind turbines turn overhead -- a valuable energy source in the 21st century. A clam shack is open seasonally here at the ferry pier. Ice cream, soft drinks, sandwiches and lobsters (order ahead for these!) are available.

Nanasket Beach and Hull Bay

Riding the coastal roads that wind along the beach and bay sides of Hull is a most relaxing way to take in the ambiance of this seaside community. Within a few minutes of leaving Nantasket Beach Bikes you can be exploring the side streets that crisscross on either side of Nantasket Avenue. This route can be as short or as long as you would like, depending on how many streets you decide to navigate. On the ocean side you pass three lighthouses, surfers, beach goers and possibly large tankers and cruise ships leaving and entering the harbor of Boston. On a clear day you can see all the way to Cape Ann from the right vantage point on the beach. On the bay side you will pass marinas, pleasure boats, boatyards and distant views of Hingham, Weymouth, Quincy and the skyline of Boston on the opposite shore. Sunsets are spectacular on the bay, as is the sunrise on the beach. Nestled in between the beach and bay you can explore the small village of Kenberma. Shops and services are available here in cluding a full service grocery market, bakery, post office, hardware store, beauty spa and a gift shop.

Lifesaving Museum / Cemetary / Spinnaker Island / Fort Revere

Further out on the pennisula you will find more places to stop and enjoy. The Hull Lifesaving Museum sits directly opposite Boston Light--just a quarter mile from shore. Spinnaker Island is a condominium community that you can access via a bridge. The views here are stunning. The Hull cemetery is situated on a hill that overlooks the ocean. Up and on the other side you will find Fort Revere. Stop here to explore the ruins of this historic fort and enjoy the panoramic views.
Hingham, Cohasset and Scituate

Only a few miles from Hull, exploring the neighboring seaside towns of Hingham, Cohasset and Scituate by bike is a great way to spend an afternoon.

The coastal route into Cohasset is magnificent as you pass rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and spectacular homes along the way. The village of Cohasset has many charming shops and places to stop for lunch. 

A few miles south is Scituate. The harbor here is lined with shops, restaurants and wonderful views of the working harbor. You can even bike right up to historic Scituate Light and take a walk out on the rocky breakwater at the habor's entrance.

Hingham Harbor is only four miles away. Here you can stop at the beach and enjoy the harbor activities. You can also bike into Hingham center and explore the shops, galleries and restaurants.